Telco Connector Balun Panels

Aztonís 19" 1RU Telco Connector Balun panels provide an efficient solution for interfacing 75W coaxial cables to 120W twisted pair.

Designed to exceed the ITUís G703 recommendation for return loss, insertion loss and cross talk these fully shielded balun panels provide the transmission performance demanded by Telecommunications carriers worldwide.

Our panels use genuine AMP CHAMP 50 and 64 way shielded Telco connectors and are available with either 16, 24 or 32 E1/E2 circuits. These configurations utilize industry standard 16, 25 and 32 pair 120W cables. There is a choice of BNC, 1.6/5.6, BT43, 1.0/2.3 and SMB coaxial connectors and the panel configurations listed in the selection guide below are readily available.

Built from Zinc sealed powder coated steel, these 1RU (44mm) panels may be mounted Coax or Telco connector to the front and may be recessed to ease cable entry. Windowed label holders front and rear provide space for printed, plain paper labels giving a functional and professional finish.

Azton Technologies also manufacture Balun Panels with RJ45, IDC Disconnect Module, DSub and IDC Twisted Pair Interfaces.

                                                                                       P04BA0916    BNC(f) x32 to Telco x2, E1/E2, 75/120W

                                                                                    P10BB0916    1.6/5.6(f) x32 to Telco x2, E1/E2, 75/120W

                                                                                                      Telco side view of 2x16 or 2x24 Balun Panels

Telco Balun Panel

Selection Guide

BNC 1.6/5.6 BT43 1.0/2.3 SMB Other

1RU Panel - 16xE1/E2's

2x16 Baluns to 50 pin Telco






on request

1RU Panel - 24xE1/E2's

2x24 Baluns to 50 pin Telco





on request

1RU Panel - 32xE1/E2's

2x32 Baluns to 64 pin Telco





on request


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