Single Baluns
Intended for mounting in existing Digital Distribution Frames to interface from coax to twisted pair. Available in a wide variety of industry standard coaxial connector interfaces which are converted to a 3 pole IDC twisted pair interface.


Dual Baluns
Convert a coaxial T1/E1, T2/E2, E3 Tx/Rx circuit pair from a variety of industry standard coaxial interfaces to twisted pair signals output via an RJ45 socket.


Modular Panels
Housing up to 20 Azton Dual Balun, Splitter, or Monitored Balun Modules these panels mount in a 19" 1RU rack space. They may be partially populated, hot swapped, loaded with mixed connector types functions and genders giving user economy and flexibility.

Balun Panels with RJ45 Interface
Housing up to 96 Baluns in these 1 and 2RU panels convert 16 to 48 E1/T1, E2/T2, E3 circuits from coax to twisted pair. Intended for mounting in industry standard 19" racks as well as ETSI 21" and 23" enclosures.


Balun Panels with Telco Connector Interface
Housing up to 64 Baluns in 1RU panels these products feature high circuit densities and minimum interface connectors in an industry standard panel format for mounting in 19" racks as well as ETSI 21" and 23" enclosures.

Customized Products
At Azton we welcome the opportunity to produce the interface product that is specific to your needs. Our competences in mechanical design, electrical design, transmission line analysis and production make Azton the ideal partner for your requirement.


Coaxial Adaptors
A wide variety of 75W inter-series and intra-series adaptors is available from stock. Beryllium Copper spring contacts gold plated to 0.8m along with teflon insulators make these adaptors fit for repeated use whilst maintaining low contact resistance.

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